We specialize in employee wellness programs for small businesses, corporations, industrial workplaces, and schools.

Sitting at a desk, standing for long periods of time, and other repetitive movement patterns can cause muscle pain, tenseness, and weakness in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, backs, and legs.

We teach a person how to balance their asymmetries by first profiling their life activities and experiences to recognize their habitual movement patterns. Then we provide exercises to stretch the muscles that are constantly overworked and strengthen the muscles that are often ignored. This allows action specific training for activities that require frequent repetitive movements.

A person experiences immediate releases of tenseness, pain, and stress along with gains in maximum flexibility, strength, posture, health, and mental fitness as they incorporate flexibility training into their work day. The ultimate result is an overall increase in performance.

Self-stretching can be practiced throughout the day in a small business, industrial environment, corporate setting, or at school. No matter the occupation or business, there is always time to stretch throughout the work day. We teach employees how to balance the repetitive muscle actions required by the job so as to facilitate more efficient life and work.

Co-worker assisted stretching allows employees to stretch and strengthen each other so everyone can operate more efficiently as a team. Partner assisted stretching facilitates higher levels of exchange due to the unique combination of verbal and physical communication.

Small Business Stretching

Customized programs to guide employees in how to stretch and strengthen throughout the day. This practice does not require taking long breaks. Simple exercises can be performed in between activities to make a significant positive impact on one’s body, work, and life.

Industrial Stretching

Discover exercises that provide greater strength, flexibility, and range of motion while diminishing injuries, aches, pains, stiffness, and tenseness. Our program guides participants in how to take a proactive role in upgrading specific areas of potential injury. Flexibility is key for industrial workers looking to eliminate the restraints on their performance and remove the physical stress that the body and mind can accumulate on the job.

Corporate Stretching

Discover how being pain-free, strong, and flexible benefits the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. A person is then able to focus on the task at hand and “make it happen” when there are fewer distractions from pain, tenseness, and weakness flowing through the body. There are specific muscle groups that can be exercised to bring out the high qualities in a person that will allow them to succeed in a teamwork environment.

Educational Stretching

Teachers play a powerful roles in the lives of their students as they link them to the various ways of being in the world. We offer programs that provide a framework for young adults to develop and maintain their physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological health. Learning how to take a proactive role in targeting specific areas of potential injury at a young age equips participants with the tools to resolve the stress, pain, and tenseness that may arise as they advance into the world.

How To Get Started

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