Learn the unique relationship between resistance, flexibility, and strength while also equipping yourself with a powerful tool to upgrade your physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological health.

During a workshop, you will learn how to:

  • stretch and strengthen yourself

  • get stretched and strengthened

  • stretch and strengthen others

  • get mashed and mash others

Appropriate for all ages, abilities and backgrounds

Workshops are helpful and appropriate for most anyone. The usual age range is from ten years old to seventy years young. Some participants are not very fit and so come to start getting back into shape again, while others are serious athletes who want to increase strength and flexibility.

Most people have no prior training or experience. Yet Yoga, Pilates, and strength trainers often come to expand their knowledge base.

No fancy equipment required

A yoga mat, bolster, towel, and a strap are just about all you need.

Plenty of physical activity, but work at your own pace

Workshops include lots of physical student participation. That’s the best way to really learn a physical concept like stretching. So expect to get a good workout and maybe even sweat. However, you are welcome to always work at your own comfortable pace.

During a typical workshop, some people take breaks every five minutes while others are sweating up a storm and hardly ever stop. People are that different.

In addition to guided practice, each individual can tailor their practice by making it as aerobic or strengthening as their body desires. This is the beauty of being your own piece of exercise equipment, you don’t have to keep getting up to change the weights!

Expect to have fun and feel very relaxed at the end

Although stretching can be serious business, joy is also a big part of life. And so fun and enjoyment are a big part of workshops. Feel free to apply yourself and work to the best of your ability while also making it a fun and joyful experience.

How to Begin

Gather a group of people and a space and we will travel to your location to facilitate a workshop.

Hosting a workshop is a great way to come together with your friends or family and do something out of the ordinary that benefits everyone involved. It’s also fun!

Please contact us for more information.