Although I am young and rather athletic, I have a minor case of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) which limits my flexibility and makes me more prone to certain injuries. After one such injury I was hardly able to move without intense pain. All I could do was stand and lie down - everything else hurt. Luther, my dear friend, saw that I was hurting and did some simple mashing techniques on the area from where my pain emanated, my glutes and hamstrings. I almost cried. There I was in agony, and in just minutes my pain was greatly relieved and I could actually walk around. I immediately arranged a stretch session with Luther. He worked with me on stretching and increasing my flexibility. At first my movement was very limited, almost embarrassingly so. But I saw quick gains, and after only about 2 months my flexibility went from pathetic to average to slightly impressive. Luther did something for me that no one else could, when I felt that I all I could do was wait for the pain to go away on its own. But you don't have to live with pain, I know that now. Ever since then my life has been wonderful. I don't feel limited in my movement, in fact, I feel that I can work toward putting my body in any position I wish. I have not had any injuries since and have been able to heal myself using the techniques he taught me. Everyone should know about Resistance Stretching. I am forever grateful.

     - George Marquez

With over 40 years of playing golf, previously at a professional level, my flexibility had dropped from having a desk job for the past 10 years. To start out with, even as a kid I was not as flexible as I should have been. Until Luther I was previously never satisfied with my flexibility.

I am in great cardio shape and pretty strong for a golfer, but it was a pain to bend over to tee the ball or pick the ball out of the hole. My lower back and hips would be stiff for the last 6 or 7 holes if I rode in a cart, and it would stiffen if I walked and didn't stretch often.

Now, after 2 visits and almost 4 hours with Luther, I am more flexible and stronger than I have ever been. I can actually walk and carry my bag (Sunday bag) 18 holes, previously it was a beating to do that, now it is a breeze and sometimes enjoyable depending on the group I am in.

The flexibility stays with me as well, very permanent. Although I have not seen Luther in a year, I am still quite flexible and simply want to Resistance Stretch as my body craves it. Luther works the connective tissue around the muscles in way that 99.99999% of us have never experienced. Luther will stretch each and every fiber of the muscles he works on. He did 8 stretches per arm and leg on me. All of it is a dramatic change. It takes a few hours to recover and feel it as it is quite hard work, but the best work out you will ever have.

Be careful when you go out to play or practice, take it slow and easy, as your range of motion and torque will be exponentially increased and you can hurt yourself if you do not take it slow and let your body adjust to the new tensions and level of force that you can create. Give your knees and ankles a chance to adjust to the increased level of tension you will be putting them through.

Where previously it took me 100 balls to warm up and get all the parts working, it now takes me about 20, before I can start making full swings and going full speed, this is at normal temperature of 75 degrees or higher. Also, by the time I was warmed up with 100 balls I was also worn out where now I can hit 300-500 balls now without getting stiff and worn out. The stability in the short game will improve dramatically and your shoulders and back will work together so much better.

Working with Luther will give you the best return for you money that you have EVER spent on your game. It put life back into my game as I am now back on my A game 95% of the time, where I was 95% on my C game previously.

My only regret with Luther is that he was in Austin and I was in Dallas. So I had to travel to see him or I would do the stretching more with him, now he is in California. Even with that I will come and work out for the weekend and maybe get in 3-4 hours for 2 days to justify the expense. With the improvement I have seen, there is no substitute for Luther and Resistance Stretching as far as I am concerned.

     - Gregory Ward

Hi Luther,

I've been meaning to tell you what happened to me one night. It was Father's Day and my husband and I cooked a fabulous dinner and our sons came over and one of their fiances. My husband's gift was a Wii Sports game and we all played. It was a wonderful evening, aside from the guys being one hour late. I had made a delicious heart shaped chocolate chip brownie, which we never ate until late that night. You'd think I'd know better since chocolate really revs me up, but anyway, that night I couldn't get to sleep for anything. Finally, after hours of trying I gave in to the energy that was racing through my body and decided to do a Resistance Stretching workout right there without even getting out of bed. I must have done about 20 mins. worth of gentle resistance stretches, and wouldn't you know it, I was able to settle down and fall asleep. Thank you for introducing me to this fantastic workout. It often means the difference of limping with pain or walking normally, pain-free!!

Your Grateful Student,

     - Lenore

I met Luther at a party and he noticed I was suffering. He introduced himself and he worked with me for only 15 minutes on the floor.

I am a young, healthy person of 29, with disk degenerative disease and arthritis in my lower back. It interfered with my life horribly. I was on 3 lortab (strong painkillers) a day. Since meeting Luther, I have used none.

It has been over 5 weeks since, and I am walking perfectly. I now have no sciatica pain whatsoever, which in 10 years, no doctor or drug could help. Thank you Luther. I will definitely tell friends and family about you.

     - Tim G.

If you don't have time for new friends in your life, don't take a class from Luther. If you think that life has basically dished out cold leftovers, don't take a class from Luther.

You might find yourself learning all sorts of new things. You might discover that you can be flexible, and that you can gain strength, and that it doesn't hurt.

Get ready for making friends, laughing at each other and yourself as you get into the best shape of your life (even if it looks silly while doing it).

     - Lavanna M.

Praise for Bob Cooley

Author of The Genius of Flexibility

"Without the flexibility training that Bob developed for me, I could have never accomplished the 5 Olympic medals I had won in Sydney. In fact, every athlete that I asked Bob to help with their flexibility also won Olympic Gold Medals. I know that Bob's program single handedly developed me psychologically in very specific ways. What he has figured out about stretching no one knows yet. The world will give Bob the Gold."

Dara Torres - Olympic Gold Medalist Age 34

"It is my strong impression that you have uncovered an entire new discipline of healthcare."

Dr. Joesph Mercola - #1 Natural Health Web Site

"…in just a few sessions with the Resistance Stretching Technique, I was finally able to do and feel what no amount of exercise, massage or weight training has done in thirty years… with just a few moments of stretching out my hamstrings, I walk completely differently …head high, shoulders back, without any strain…. What Bob has created is not a trend, but will change the way the world will exercise forever!"

Joni Evans - Senior Vice President, William Morris Agency

"After three months of working in the Meridian Flexibility System I was feeling unbelievably strong, fit, and balanced. I do not think that I could have made my fourth Olympic Team without Bob's help. Thank you Bob for allowing me to feel and perform better than I ever thought possible."

Eric Flaim - four-time Olympic Speed Skater


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