Backwards Arm Wrestling

Tandem Leaning: Tandem Stretching & Strengthening

  • Read the introduction.
  • Place your wrist against your partner's wrist.
  • Lean into their wrist as they lean into yours.
  • As you both continue to lean into each other, take their arm down.
  • Continue to lean into their wrist as they take your arm down.
Tandem Partner Stretching
Tandem Partner Stretching Tandem Partner Stretching

Reciprocal Lean: Isometric, Concentric, and Eccentric Contractions

Isometric Your arm is isometrically contracting as you lean into your partner's wrist while they lean into yours.
Concentric Your arm is strengthening as you take their wrist down.
Eccentric Your arm is resistance stretching as they take your wrist down.
Reciprocal The same holds true for your tandem partner.

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