Arm Wrestling

Tandem Leaning: Tandem Stretching & Strengthening

  • Read the introduction.
  • Grab your tandem partner's hand in the traditional arm wrestling hold.
  • Lean into their hand as they lean into yours.
  • Take their hand downward as they continue to lean into your hand.
  • Keep leaning into their hand as they take your hand up and toward the ground.
  • The difference here is that the goal is not only to take their hand down, but to have your hand taken down as well. You are getting strengthened in one direction and resistance stretched in the other. It's a win-win game.
Tandem Partner Stretching
Tandem Partner Stretching Tandem Partner Stretching

Reciprocal Lean: Isometric, Concentric, and Eccentric Contractions

Isometric Your arm is isometrically contracting as you lean into your partner's hand while they lean into yours.
Concentric Your arm is strengthening as you take their hand down.
Eccentric Your arm is resistance stretching as they take your hand down.
Reciprocal The same holds true for your tandem partner.

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