Anchor Lateral Bend (with towel)

Tandem Leaning: Tandem Stretching & Strengthening

  • Read the introduction.
  • Grab the end of a towel with one hand and another towel with your other hand as your partner does the same.
  • Lean away from them as they anchors you.
  • As you continue to lean away, lean into a lateral bend.
Tandem Partner Stretching
Tandem Partner Stretching Tandem Partner Stretching

Anchor Lean: Isometric, Concentric, and Eccentric Contractions

Isometric Your arms are isometrically contracting as you lean away from your partner.
Concentric You can incorporate strengthening if you pull yourself closer to your anchor to shorten and contract your muscles.
Eccentric Your arms are resistance stretching as you lean into the lateral bend. You can incorporate additional resistance stretching by asking your partner to extend your arms at appropriate times throughout the lean.

Benefit of

Flexibility teaches you about being serene, calm, still, and peaceful.