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Physical Fitness Flex Self-Test

from The Genius of Flexibility by Bob Cooley...

It is commonly known that exercise can generally affect you physically. But many of the people performing these stretches have experienced that each of the different stretches can predictably change very specific physical and physiological functions.

Making any one of the Muscle-Meridian Groups more flexible results in two things. First, you experience the positive physical features and physiological health aspects for that stretch type. At the same time, you dismantle the opposite low physiological functions. This is a unique aspect of the Meridian Flexibility System.

Use the following list of physiological health conditions to help evaluate your physical and physiological fitness. Most likely you'll discover several aspects of your physiological fitness that you'd like to "upgrade." Expect immediate, cumulative, and permanent improvements in your physiological health as your flexibility increases in each of the 16 Muscle-Meridian Groups.

16 Physiological Concerns


frequent flatulence, burping, no candida, difficulty digesting fat, ligament injuries, migraine headaches, lower back problems


vision problems, hypochondriacal anxieties, tendon problems, detoxification needs, yellowish complexion, jaundice


inability to take a deep breath, mottled skin, weakness, lethargy, prolonged or habitual seasonal colds, lack of endurance, varicose veins, hyperextension in knees and elbows

Large Intestine

problems with elimination, raised and tensed shoulders, weak grip strength, venous blood flow problems, blood pressure irregularities, hyper-sensitive skin on top of feet, frozen shoulder, dehydration, water retention


gluttony, addictive substance use, muscle pains or injuries, asthma, allergies, inability to sit, reading problems, digestive problems, sweet cravings, bad food combining, very irregular eating habits


energy fluctuations, belching, heartburn, fascia hypertrophy, gum disorders, endometriosis, Epstein-Barr, auto immune disorders, fibromyalgia, dizziness, hyper ticklishness, eczema, urgency to eat every couple of hours, lack of taste, pancreas problems, acne


forgetfulness, sleep disorders, excessive sweating, physical heaviness, circulation problems, heart problems

Small Intestine

abdominal bloating, warts, inability to gain weight, internal bleeding, anemia, "bird cage/alligator back" in thoracic spine, gynecological disorders, lack of finger dexterity, depressed posture, wrinkles


inability to remember "data," right upper shoulder tension, nervousness, appendages (legs and arms) feel disconnected from torso, neck and head


diminished sexual drive, carbohydrate cravings, over-consumption of food, weight problems, mood swings


cold hands and/or feet, constriction of blood flow, pale skin coloring, stiffness, sleep disorders, chest pain, susceptibility to flu, nose dripping


skin problems, stress related health issues, external immune problems, aversion to exercise, lymphatic flow problems, "concrete" tension in back of shoulder


back problems, prostate disorders, frequent urination, bone disorders, cancer, balance problems, neurosis, hamstring and calf cramps


dark circles under one's eyes, kidney stones, joint problems, arthritis, hearing problems, heaviness around hips, coldness, adrenal weakness, impotence


lower right abdominal, hip and thigh pain, appendicitis, food poisoning, bumpy complexion, difficulty following through with a thought, extreme muscle tautness


internal immune disorders, swollen lymph nodes, tonsillitis, lower and upper bottom disconnect, eating disorders, general ill health

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