Strength through Flexibility

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We have learned how to strength train:
shorten a muscle while contracting it.

Now it's time to learn how to stretch:
elongate a muscle while contracting it.

We already know how to be strong. Now, let's be not only strong, but strong and flexible... and truly flexible. Common stretching methods may leave a person overstretched, sore, weak, or in pain and often without any gain in flexibility. The Meridian Flexibility System (MFS), also known as Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST) or Meridian Stretching, is a technique that will finally give you the results that you have always expected from stretching, plus additional benefits that you never thought stretching could offer.

Assisted Large Intestine Stretch
Assisted Large Intestine Stretch
Assisted Large Intestine Stretch

The Meridian Flexibility System contains elements from Western Physical Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Psychology. Resistance Stretching allows us to stretch our muscles in a way that creates immediate gains in flexibility. Stretching along certain meridian pathways from Traditional Chinese Medicine allows us to improve the health and functioning of specific organs along with their concomitant physiological and psychological attributes.

Meridian Stretching and RFST is for those who desire positive change in their physical, spiritual, emotional, or psychological health. With this system, you will find that when a positive change is made in one area such as the physical body, the other areas are equally impacted. It is a modern and balanced total body program.

Upper Body Meridian Muscle Groups
Lower Body Meridian Muscle Groups

This system has provided positive results for a wide range of individuals including professional and Olympic athletes, executives, performers, people in chronic pain, and people who are just 'on the move'. Weight training will suddenly yield enormous gains. Yoga positions will become easier. Running, biking, and swimming will feel more natural. Let's be flexibly strong!

Resistance Stretching is for you if you:
  • are an athlete
  • have injuries
  • want to remove tension/stress/pain
  • want to increase your flexibility
  • want to improve your posture
  • want to improve the health of specific organs
  • want to know how to stretch before and after a workout
  • are of any physical ability
  • are of any age

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