About the Meridian Flexibility System

Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST) ®:

  • is a revolutionary technique that empowers you to stretch and strengthen your body through the simple use of resistance
  • is also known as Resistance Stretching or Meridian Stretching
  • shatters the false myth that muscles become more flexible simply by elongating muscles, holding the stretch for whatever period of time, and breathing into the stretch

Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training (RFST) teaches you that:

  • in order to get a true gain in flexibility, you must continuously contract the target muscle group while elongating it
  • a muscle is only truly flexible to the point where it can continue to maximally resist while being lengthened
  • stretching without continuously contracting a muscle produces a false range of motion known as substitution, and ultimately results in over-stretching and injury
  • stretches can be reversed to provide strength training to the same muscle group

Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training (RFST) can be performed:

  • at any time and any place since no equipment is required
  • alone using self-stretches or with other person(s) using assisted stretching techniques
  • alone by the stretcher resisting against his/her own body, the ground, a wall, or other props
  • by two or more people using assisted stretching, where the stretcher resists the movement of the assister(s) while the assister(s) flex/extend, adduct/abduct, and/or inward/outward rotate the target muscle group
Meridian Flexibility System

The Meridian Flexibility System ®:

  • is a program of 16 powerful stretching exercises for each level of practice: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and assisted
  • is rooted in Chinese Medicine and similar to acupuncture and acupressure in that it is based on the various meridian lines that course through the body
  • provides 16 different types of stretches, each one uniquely correlated to:
    • 16 meridians
    • 16 major muscle groups
    • 16 organs
    • 16 high and low physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological traits
    • 16 genetic personality types
    • 16 classical hatha yoga poses
    • 16 body parts / tissues
    • 16 bone rotational interrelationships

The Meridian Flexibility System (MFS):

  • embodies a balanced approach to physical and mental fitness
  • is a predictable, noninvasive, preventative health program with resulting gains in physical strength and functioning, psychological fitness, and spiritual and emotional development
  • emphasizes that there are four aspects of stretching (position, resistance, breathing, and psychological) that correspond to the four aspects of oneself (physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental)
  • is based on an overall approach to health and well being
  • is rooted in the belief that one cannot be of sound body without sound mind
  • allows a person to overcome physical traumas as well as psychological and emotional obstacles

Front View of Meridians
Head View of Meridians
Back View of Meridians

About Bob Cooley

Bob Cooley founded The Moving Center in 1974 as a school to research human movement and health. He did post undergraduate work in Exercise Science at the University of Maryland and Massachusetts. After being struck as a pedestrian by car traveling 70 mph, he began a quest to repair himself. Through years of research into areas as varied as Physical Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Personality Theory he created Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training and The Meridian Flexibility System. Over the past 15 years he has helped thousands of people to completely transform their bodies and health. Bob works with Professional and Olympic Athletes and people who are severely injured. He lives a totally organic lifestyle in Boston, MA.

Book Excerpt: 'The Genius of Flexibility' by Bob Cooley

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