Benefits of the Meridian Flexibility System

Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training:

  • offers immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility
  • takes the pain out of stretching
  • protects one from injuring themselves by over-stretching
  • results in gains in both strength and aerobic capacity
  • improves performance accuracy
  • creates more powerful, explosive, and core stable movements

Increases in Resistance Flexibility also result in:

  • corrective realignment of bone rotational interrelationships
  • removing chronic joint stress
  • re-establishing optimal bio-mechanical efficiency

Regular, repeated practice of Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training can produce:

  • greater strength from the same muscle mass. As muscles become more flexible, they become more efficient producers of force
  • greater range of motion producing enhanced athletic performance in the form of speed and agility gains
  • improved muscle function, so that your body is able to perform more complex movements with ease
  • more optimal biomechanical alignment which leads to a more comfortable body that can withstand higher stresses and repeated actions at the joints
  • a more robust skeletal structure that is less prone to injuries and breakdowns
  • increased stamina and muscle recovery which allows the same body to perform more powerfully with less effort

RFST and MFS are the missing link in preventative medicine as they:

  • take a proactive role in targeting specific areas of potential injury
  • remove chronic injuries
  • upgrade kinetic bio-mechanics with concomitant improvement in physiological and psychological health

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Flexibility determines how well you move and improves your posture.