Dara Torres and Resistance Stretching

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If you don't already know, there is a revolutionary athlete going to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. Her name is Dara Torres, and she is re-defining what is possible for a middle aged person to achieve. The fact that she is performing better today at 41 years of age than she was 25 years ago is what makes her so revolutionary. To put that to scale, the swimming goggles that Dara still wears today are older than most of her competitors!

Her secret to success is Resistance Stretching. In 1999, after a seven-year absence from competitive swimming, Torres decided to make an attempt to qualify for the 2000 Olympics. This is where she first learned about the Meridian Flexibility System as she worked with Bob Cooley and Tom Longo. Dara immediately prioritized Resistance Stretching as the essential component of her training program upon experiencing the work. She knew that this technique would allow her to excel in all of the ways that she would need to in order to compete. Utilizing this system well before most people had even heard of it gave her the leading edge, placing her waves ahead of other professional and Olympic athletes.

Dara not only qualified for the Sydney Games, she captured five medals, including a pair of golds in the 4x100m freestyle relay in new world record time, and in the 4x100m medley relay, setting another world record. Torres also took home three individual bronze medals, one each in the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, and 100m butterfly. Dara contributed much of her success in Sydney to Resistance Stretching and went back into retirement after the games.

Eight years later, Dara decided to make a second comeback at 40 years of age. Again, she knew that she would need Resistance Stretching, her "secret weapon," in order to compete. Dara recruited two of my close friends, Steve Sierra and Anne Tierney to stretch her full time in preparation for the Olympics. Dara valued Resistance Stretching so much that she moved Anne and Steve from Stamford, CT to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in order to become their full time client. In fact, she would not have even attempted to qualify for this summer's games if she was for some reason unable to incorporate Resistance Stretching into her training.

Dara calls it her "secret weapon" because up to this point in time, very few professional or Olympic athletes have even heard of, much less have been trained with this technique. Dara is the only athlete in the world to have dedicated such an extreme amount of time and energy into being trained with Resistance Stretching, and the proof is in the results. Dara is not only beating swimmers that are half her age, but she is also breaking records she set at 14 years of age, setting new American records, and has become the oldest US national champion EVER. During the Olympic trials this year, she won first place in the 100-meter freestyle and also won first place in the 50-meter freestyle, setting a new American record, and qualifying for her 5th Olympic games.

Thanks to Dara, Anne, and Steve, many people are discovering Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training. This is very exciting for trainers and other people that value this technique as we have been working to showcase it for many years now.

I am happy to have been able to spend some time with Dara, such a dedicated and talented athlete. I wish Dara and her team success in Beijing. Go team Dara!